Start where you are. Use what you have. – Do what you can. Arthur Ashe

Dear Reader,

I’m sure all of you in a certain stage of your life has said to yourself: “I will never…” And those never’s were almost always grounded in fear, But life is a funny thing. It somehow always manage to bring all those never’s back over our path.

I still remember – I was about 30, still newlywed and unemployed – and I had to go for an interview for a possible job opportunity. Well, one of the first things I’ve done when moving to Roodepoort – was to buy a map book of Johannesburg, since I have no sense of direction and manage to get lost very easily. This was of course, before the time of our now trusted GPS.

So on the day of my appointment I’ve set out with my map book, and actually managed to find the right area were the business was located. But here’s the problem. Even though I was actually in the right street, I couldn’t manage to find the business I was supposed to visit.

I don’t know how many times I drove up and down that street, but eventually I just gave up. I’ve phoned to tell them I was lost and won’t be able to make the appointment, and then faced the daunting task of finding my why home.

Eventually a kind stranger told me to follow him, and that on a given sign he will turn off, and I must carry straight on. This landed me on Main Reef, and eventually to Florida were we’ve stayed at that time.

I was not used to traffic, so Main Reef to me was a horrible experience, but I managed to find my way home. And I said to myself: “ I will never travel on that road again!”

Never say never! It was only shortly after that I was employed by Concor – situated in Crown Mines -and you guess it!I had to travel to work on Main Reef Road every day. I did this for about 2 years and eventually got quite use to it.

During my employment with Concor, we had to go for an IT course. And due to my fear of getting lost, I’ve arranged to go with someone else. We had to travel on the very busy M2 to get there. That night, when I was safely home, I said to myself: “I will never drive on the M2.”

But life said no! Two years later we’ve relocated to Alberton, and the best route to work was of course, on the M2. So, I’ve actually traveled to work on the M2 for about 14 years!

Even to this day I am always very stressed and get quite anxious when I have to travel to strange places. But the GPS makes a big difference – although it sometimes can throw you for a loop. And through the years traveling to work, I’ve become more comfortable with driving in traffic. It is only when I have to drive in strange places that it still bothers me. Mainly because you don’t know the lanes and can easily land up in the wrong lane and miss a turn, or not be able to change lanes in time. But due to improved technology, the GPS’s are getting better and now even indicate the right lanes beforehand.

But mostly I still avoid going to unknown places if at all possible. But I can see that this is now also going to change. Being unemployed and exploring different opportunities is pushing me out of my comfort zone. And often is means that I have to get into my car and go out to places that I have never been before.

But since I’ve been through such experiences before, I know that fears can be conquered. And what has scared you before, can actually become just another thing that you do.

So I have learned: Do not let your fears stop you from enjoying life. Go out and do those very things that you are afraid of. This is the only way to conquer your fears. Every time you do the things that scared you, it becomes easier – and one day you will realise with surprise that it is another battle won!

So, dear reader: “What are those fears that are holding you back?” Go out and face it today – even while you are afraid – otherwise you might just find that life puts you in a position where you have no choice than to face them.

Thanks for reading.


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