“When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.” ― Author Unknown

Dear Reader,

Last year, on Saturday 8 September 2018, we’ve celebrated my mother’s 82nd birthday. It was such a lovely family gathering – the table beautifully decorated, good food and of course desert. I can’t remember all the details, but it left me with a sense of belonging, of feeling at home.

Like what typically happens, it wasn’t long before we started the trip down memory lane. Remembering the good times when dad was still with us, the joys and adventures of growing up, and life’s miracles along the way.

For me it was very exciting to listen to my mom sharing little glimpses about her journey of faith. I looked at her and knew that there is so much more to this women I call Mom. I came to realise this Mother of mine is indeed a Prayer Warrior!

I am the baby of the family! She spoke about the time I was hospitalized as a baby, when they thought I won’t make it, but I’ve managed to pull through. As well as the time when I became very ill from rheumatic fever around age 6. Also, when I suffered from depression in St 9, and she feared that I will never manage to crawl back out of that dark, black hole. I have no doubt that her prayers played a big role in my recovery from all these events.

My husband and I slept over at my sister that night. The next morning my sister and I were reminiscing about the previous evening and how well it all went.

Referring to the events my mom shared about me, I still said to her: ” Looking back over my life, I can see God has given me the ability to keep on, to push through and to never give up. “

Those words now seem prophetic and would soon be tested. Since that Monday morning I’ve received the notification that started my retrenchment proceedings!

Now, 6 months later, I am still hanging in there. But is becoming extremely difficult to keep going on. The hardest battle is with my thoughts and my emotions. So far, I still manage to rise up from my many lows, but it is becoming harder.

But then I remember that night of my mom’s birthday, and everything she shared about me. And I take comfort knowing that just like then, God will pull me through. And that he gave me this fighter mentality to help me to keep on carrying on.

But I also know, that sick as she is, my mom is still my Prayer Warrior!

This is why I will keep on fighting and I will survive.

So dear reader: “Are you going through a tough time right now? Do you feel so tired that you just can’t go on anymore?

What do you do to renew your body and your mind?

Please share with us in the comments so that we can encourage each other.

Thanks for reading,


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