Everything is designed. Few things are designed well. – Brian Reed

Dear Reader,

I love technology, but sometimes I also long for simpler times.

I am the one who loves to try out new apps, and to get a new phone or tablet
is like being a child at Christmas again.

I have a few apps I love: The Keep app that I use for my grocery list; a app to keep track on all my petrol and other expenses on my car, with handy reports and graphs. I simply can’t live without Evernote. I think I am a bit of a collector at heart, so I like to save quotes to Evernote. I like taking notes by hand, and then use my Cam Scanner app to scan these notes and save them to Evernote – of course! I use apps to keep track of my airtime and available data, and of course doing banking on my phone is also very handy!

A friend has recently told me about Spotify -which is nice – as you can keep up with the newest available music, without having to buy any CD’s! And since my phone can connect via Bluetooth to our music center, you don’t have to listen to it on the phone!

Truecaller is handy to block all those spam calls, and as soon as I have fiber, calling via Whatsapp or Skype will become a pleasure!

I am an avid reader, and thanks to my subscription with Bookbub, I have a huge variety of books that I can read on the Kindle app on my phone. Once my business takes off a bit, I think it will be worthwhile to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited – because often the books that you would like are just too expensive to buy!

Marketing your business on social media is so much easier thanks to various apps. With a social media scheduler, you can post interesting articles simultaneously to different platforms – either immediately or by scheduling for a specific time. I use the Bitly URL shortener – on the one hand you can customize the shortened link, but you can also track activity for the link.

Using apps like Google Drive and Dropbox makes it possible to have content available on all your devices. If I find an interesting eBook, I can save it to one of these two platforms and then read it later on my phone or tablet.

I love designing in Canva, that can also be very easily be done on the app. You can even invest via Stash or the Easy Equity app!

But sometimes all these technologies can also make you very tired. Even though you have a lot of benefits and enjoyment, all these equipment needs to be maintained. My cellphone and tablet (which my mom is currently using), my computer and GPS – to keep up with all the upgrades and keeping everything charged – that takes some planning. Especially since I use rechargeable lights for my bike as well!

And when you are trying to get something done, and things just doesn’t want to work ! I had it this week. I was trying to schedule some posts and finish an article for Linkedin. But I have a very bad internet connection in the afternoons – which means just after 12 pm every day – everything using the internet just grinds to a halt! Which is why I have decided that I have to now also hop onto the fiber – wagon! Another big benefit of course is that I won’t need to worry about running out of data anymore!

But unfortunately, it will only go live in my neighborhood mid-August!

Thank goodness I am normally quite patient, but I hope this will last while struggling with this terrible inter connection for another month until we will have fiber!

So, dear reader: Do you love technology? How do you deal with the frustration when things don’t work the way it should? Let’s start a conversation!

Thanks for reading!


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