But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. – Luke 6:27-28.

Dear Reader,

Recently I’ve watched the movie King Kong again. Even though there is something magical about the relationship that develops between Ann and the big ape, I always find it sad that it ends with a display of the cruelty of mankind.

Perfectly expressed by this quote:”Why’d he do that? Climb up there and get himself cornered….” Followed by this reply: “He’s just a dumb animal. Didn’t know nothing.” Even though climbing the highest building might not have been the wisest thing for King Kong to do, in his natural habitat the highest place was also the safest.

You cannot judge an animal by human standards!

But even though this is just a story, and not even a true one, the truth is: Humans can be cruel! And I am not referring to big things like so many Jews dying in gas chambers, so many soldiers lost in war, countries building and using nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. I’m thinking of everyday people like you and me.

People who look down on others for whatever reason. People who talks about you behind your back. People who ignores an disabled person like they don’t exist or make cruel remarks about them. People that betrays their friend, family, partner….

We lie, cheat, gossip and steal. And when confronted we always have a reason for our behaviour. Or blame someone else. Or act like they deserve it…

And this is the humans that God loves? That Jesus died for?

I do not understand! But that is why he is God! And I am not!

I pray that we all will feel his love, and through that love see others through His eyes! That all cruelty will be burnt out of us and that we will receive a new heart.

And that one new heart at a time, humans will become how God intended us to be!

So that we will be known not for our cruelty, but for our love!

Thanks for reading!


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