Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds – James 1:2

Dear Reader,

I love succulents! These hardy little plants that comes in all shapes, colours and sizes.

They can survive with very little water and in the harshest conditions. And every one of them is truly unique. Growing and flowering in it’s own special way.

And often, the harsher the conditions, the prettier they will get!

The most amazing thing is that they can grow from just a single leaf pushed into the soil!

I think we should be more like succulents if we want to survive this thing called life.

We often cannot control our circumstances or what happens to us.

Sometime we get uprooted by the loss of a job or a loved one. Or sickness comes our way. Or we are put into lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Having to work from home and feeling isolated without being able to visit with those we love. This is when we should have the ability of a succelent to take root wherever we are planted.

Sometimes it is smaller things – like an argument with a spouse, a crisis at work, financial hardship. We feel as if we are living in less than ideal circumstances. But then, just like the succulent, we should find our hope in our faith, so that in the end we will become strong and beautiful through our trials.

And when the rain of good time comes, we will appreciate it even more!

Thanks for reading,


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