The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former part. – Job 42:12

Dear Reader,

I was retrenched in 2018, which started a challenging season in my life. Cold and dark like winter, or hot and arid like the desert – it was a season of extreme despair and spiritual and emotional lows. Looking back today, it was also a time of learning that led to more wisdom and growth.

Eventually, we had no other choice than to sell our house and decided to relocate to the city. Firstly, we had family there and believe we will have access to more work opportunities.

We had no idea how we would go about finding those opportunities. Applying for jobs seemed futile – since the competition was so fierce. Primarily because you never receive any response or feedback on your applications.

So we’ve decided to fall back on a tried and tested method – good old networking. We also knew that we would have to find a church to join – where we could get support, make friends we desperately needed, and grow stronger in our faith. This is also where we focused our networking efforts, connecting with as many people as possible for help, support, and prayer.

I joined an art group – just a group of women getting together monthly to learn new fun activities and have a good time together. But also a women BIble study group. It is through this art group that I found my next job. The Bible study leader and her husband were looking for someone to assist with the admin work of their business. Not only to free her time for her studies but also to give him more time to focus on growing the business.

I was amazed that the skills I acquired in my previous position were precisely the skills required. But even more important, I knew that I would make a difference every day at work. I have now finished my third week of working with them, and I still find it hard to believe that my life could change so much in this time.

I love my work, the art group, and the Bible study group I have joined. And we are already settled in a church and looking forward to every service. Even though getting around in a new city is an adjustment, I am happy again with many exciting things to look forward to.

If you feel as if you are in a winter season or feel as if you are lost in a desert – please don’t despair. God can turn things around in the blink of an eye. Please reach out to people for support, and try to find a church where you can feel at home.

Today I look forward to an exciting future, and I believe that just as with Job, God will make the second part of my life better than the first!

Thank you for reading.



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