Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation? – Hebrews 1:14

Dear Reader,

Sometimes, God sends us angels…

Although I am very grateful to work again, it was also a big adjustment after being home for nearly four years. One of the challenges I face is to keep up with the grocery shopping between the church activities and services that I would rather attend. Thus, I really wanted to have my groceries delivered via the Checkers Sixty 60 app. But what is technology without a glitch?

Try as I might, I could never finalize my order. With the extra security measures from the bank on my credit card, I have to approve transactions on the banking app. I promptly receive the approval request, the approval completes without a hitch, and then ….. nothing – no payment!

First, I sent an email explaining my problem. But once I’ve revealed that there is no error message – I never hear anything again – it is bad enough! But worse since it happened twice!

So I knew I had to go to the bank myself. The staff member assisting me was also on door duty, so he couldn’t stay with me all the time. He called the correct department and promptly left me to cope by myself. My problem was that I couldn’t hear on the phone due to my hearing impairment, and also, for some reason, the call was terminated.

When the gentleman returned to me, he checked some settings on my banking app and noticed that my phone had been linked twice. He removed the extra entry and assured me I won’t have the problem again.

But of course – when I tried again – still no luck!

So I returned to the bank the following weekend for another try. And this is where God sent me an angel – a lovely lady with a gentle smile and a world of patience!

After explaining my problem, she stayed at my side through various calls to different departments – patiently explaining my issue repeatedly – and prompting me when they required any personal information or input from my side. Unfortunately, my problem was not resolved since the technical issue was with the merchant.

But, this angel’s patience and assistance spared me the frustration of struggling on a phone call due to my hearing loss.

So, when you go about your daily life – look around and see all the many angels God send to you – but we often miss – because they are in human form!

Would you go out and be an angel to someone – just by helping others – often in small and simple ways?

Thanks for reading,


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