I am definitely a summer person. Don’t get me wrong: I love winter when it’s beautiful and sunny – I don’t really care about cold – I just hate the grey. – Doutzen Kroes

Dear Reader,

I’ve never liked winter very much. I find it to be very depressing. Getting up early when it is still cold and dark. Looking at my garden were the grass is all white and dry and no flowers to brighten up my days. And that cold, cloudy days when you just wish for the sun to appear again. Somehow I always feel that winter lasts longer than summer.

I always feel as if I just can’t get enough sleep and I just can’t stop eating. This is when I wish I can just hibernate – retreat into my cosy home and not go anywhere until the first flowers of spring appears.

Although, there is a few things that I like about winter. Sitting in the mild winter sun, reading with my dog sleeping on my lap. Hearty soups and winter stews.

And of course the best way to keep warm on a cold winter night – with your dog sleeping snug against your back.

For me, winter is a slow season. A time when I don’t feel like doing much. It is a time when I become quite anti-social and mostly prefer to just be by myself at home.

This year I dread winter even more. Dealing with unemployment is hard enough, without having to face the cold, dreary days and typical winter blues.

I can just hope that after this winter period, spring will bring new life and hope. And that I will be able to find a new way of earning an income.

What about you, dear reader? Do you like winter? How do you deal with the winter seasons in your life? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


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